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                    K1-Fluo 生命科學相關文獻推薦(2022)

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                    1.      Anti-infammatory Efect of Curcuma longa and Allium hookeri Co-treatment via NF-κB and COX-2 Pathways

                    Soon-Young Lee1,5, Seung-SikCho2,5, YongChun Li 3, Chun-Sik Bae4, Kyung Mok Park1* & Dae-Hun Park1*


                    Although inflammation is a host defense mechanism, chronic inflammation mediates several diseases, including cancer, allergy, asthma, and autoimmune diseases, and reportedly, it is associated with a 60% mortality rate. There are several reports on the anti-inflammatory effects of Curcuma longa and Allium hookeri. However, although they can be used as culinary materials and have biological effects, they are not effective anti-inflammatory agents. In this study, we evaluated the synergic effect of C. longa and A. hookeri in order to confirm the possibility of a new anti-inflammatory agent. Based on cell viability and cytokine analyses, the appropriate ratio of C. longa and A. hookeri was confirmed using an air pouch animal model. Then, the anti-inflammatory effect of C. longa and A. hookeri co-treatment was evaluated by measuring the immune cell count and cytokines in the exudate and by comparing the morphological changes and cytokines in inflamed skin samples. Additionally, we evaluated the NF-κB/ COX-2 pathway and iNOS levels. The active constituents detected in C. longa were dimethoxy curcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin, and that detected in A. hookeri was methylsulfonylmethane. An in vitro assessment determined the appropriate drug ratio as 3:7. In a carrageenan-induced inflammatory model, co-treatment effectively suppressed inflammatory cytokines, including IFN-γ, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-13, and IL-17, and recovered inflammation-related morphological changes in the skin. The anti-inflammatory effect of the co-treatment was mediated through the NF-κB/COX-2 pathway and iNOS inhibition. We concluded that co-treatment with C. longa and A. hookeri synergistically inhibited inflammation via the NF-κB/COX-2/iNOS pathway



                    2.      Lercanidipine Synergistically Enhances Bortezomib Cytotoxicity in Cancer Cells via Enhanced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Mitochondrial Ca2+ Overload

                    A Reum Lee 1 , Min Ji Seo , Jin Kim, Dong Min Lee , In Young Kim , Mi Jin Yoon , Hur Hoon and Kyeong Sook Choi ,


                    The proteasome inhibitor (PI), bortezomib (Btz), is effective in treating multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma, but not solid tumors. In this study, we show for the first time that lercanidipine (Ler), an antihypertensive drug, enhances the cytotoxicity of various PIs, including Btz, carfilzomib, and ixazomib, in many solid tumor cell lines by inducing paraptosis, which is accompanied by severe vacuolation derived from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondria. We found that Ler potentiates Btz-mediated ER stress and ER dilation, possibly due to misfolded protein accumulation, in MDA-MB 435S cells. In addition, the combination of Btz and Ler triggers mitochondrial Ca2+ overload, critically contributing to mitochondrial dilation and subsequent paraptotic events, including mitochondrial membrane potential loss and ER dilation. Taken together, our results suggest that a combined regimen of PI and Ler may effectively kill cancer cells via structural and functional perturbations of the ER and mitochondria.


                    關鍵詞:bortezomib; lercanidipine; ER stress; mitochondrial Ca2+ overload; paraptosis

                    3.      Dielectrophoretic manipulation of the mixture of isotropic and nematic liquid

                    Soo-Dong Kim , Bomi Lee , Shin-Woong Kang & Jang-Kun Song


                    In various applications involving liquid crystals, the manipulation of the nanoscale molecular assembly and microscale director alignment is highly useful. Here we show that a nematic–isotropic mixture, a unique bi-liquid system, has potential for the fabrication of microstructures having an ordered phase within a disordered phase, or vice versa. The volume expansion and shrinkage, migration, splitting, mergence and elongation of one phase within the other are easily accomplished via thermal treatment and dielectrophoretic manipulation. This is particularly achievable when one phase is suspended in the middle. In that case, a highly biased ordered-phase preference of surfaces, that is, the nematic-philic nature of a polyimide layer and the nematic-phobic nature of a self-assembled monolayer of chlorosilane derivatives, is used. Further, by combining this approach with photopolymerization, the patterned microstructure is solidified as a patterned polymer film having both isotropic and anisotropic molecular arrangements simultaneously, or as a template with a morphological variation


                    關鍵字Liquid crystals,

                    4.      Three-dimensional reconstruction of topological deformation in chiral nematic microspheres using fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy

                    Jin-Kun Guo and Jang-Kun Song*


                    Chiral nematic droplets exhibit abundant topological defect structures, which have been intensively studied, both theoretically and experimentally. However, to observe and reconstruct the exact shape of three-dimensional (3D) defect structures has been a challenging task. In this study, we successfully reconstruct the 3D defect structures within a CLC microsphere with long helical pitches by combining polarized optical microscopy (POM) and laser scanning type fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy (FCPM). The obtained confocal stack images provide us with the vertical location of disclination defects, to allow reconstruction of the full 3D structures. The reconstructed 3D structures can be viewed from different directions, providing a better understanding of the topological structure. Moreover, the defect lines are identified to be + 1 defects, different from the previous prediction. Thus, FCPM provides an excellent tool to study the complex topological configuration in microspheres, and fosters its potential applicability in new devices based on topologically structured soft media.


                    關鍵字Liquid crystals, K1-Fluo

                    5.      Cysteamine prevents vascular leakage through inhibiting transglutaminase in diabetic retina

                    Yeon-Ju Lee1, Se-Hui Jung1, JongYun Hwang2, Sohee Jeon3, Eun-Taek Han4, Won Sun Park5, Seok-Ho Hong6, Young-Myeong Kim1 and Kwon-Soo Ha1


                    Cysteamine (an aminothiol), which is derived from coenzyme A degradation and metabolized into taurine, has beneficial effects against cystinosis and neurodegenerative diseases; however, its role in diabetic complications is unknown. Thus, we sought to determine the preventive effect of cysteamine against hyperglycemia-induced vascular leakage in the retinas of diabetic mice. Cysteamine and ethanolamine, the sulfhydryl group-free cysteamine analogue, inhibited vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)- induced stress fiber formation and vascular endothelial (VE)-cadherin disruption in endothelial cells, which play a critical role in modulating endothelial permeability. Intravitreal injection of the amine compounds prevented hyperglycemia-induced vascular leakage in the retinas of streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice. We then investigated the potential roles of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and transglutaminase (TGase) in the cysteamine prevention of VEGF-induced vascular leakage. Cysteamine, but not ethanolamine, inhibited VEGF-induced ROS generation in endothelial cells and diabetic retinas. In contrast, VEGF-induced TGase activation was prevented by both cysteamine and ethanolamine. Our findings suggest that cysteamine protects against vascular leakage through inhibiting VEGF-induced TGase activation rather than ROS generation in diabetic retinas.



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